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Undergraduate Program

This is a four-year undergraduate program culminates in a Bachelor of Arts in Commerce. Our aim is to foster people who are equipped with practical skills for the global era, people who have mastered a wide range of knowledge supported by deep knowledge and skills in specific fields.

Undergraduate Program

Four majors in the Faculty of Commerce

  • Economics
  • Commerce
  • Law
  • Information and Management Science
  • + the Glocal Course (Major)
  • + the Glocal Management Minor Program


Graduate Programs

Major in Modern Commerce Doctor’s Degree First-term Program

This two-year graduate program culminates in a Master s’ of Arts in Commerce. The program aims at education based upon undergraduate studies and a wide range of profound academic research, and also at producing researchers and highly skilled businesspersons with a cosmopolitan outlook.


Doctor’s Degree Second-term Program

This three-year graduate program culminates in a Ph.D. in Commercial Science. The program aims at producing researchers in the academic field of Commerce and highly skilled businesspersons who, having carried out in-depth studies on specific themes and completed a doctoral dissertation, can contribute to various spheres in both the regional and international communities.

Undergraduate Program


Major in Entrepreneurship (MBA Program)

This two-year graduate program culminates in a Master of Business Administration. The program fosters business leaders who will initiate new projects at companies, start new businesses, strategize and carry out business plans, and reform the stagnant organizational structure of many companies and municipalities.

Undergraduate Program

The admission and relevant information on the degree programs is available in the Japanese language only.
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